Ruiter app

The idea behind it:

This project was made for a horse back rider.

The app has to be a easier way to navigate around in the real world without using a physical map wich is clumsy.


Once the app has loaded up.

You will have to fill in your login details or make a new account.

One of the options you will than be presented with are the ability to choose a certain route.

Once you clicked on a route you will than have the option to ride it in google maps formation.

The map

Here you can see a preview of how the map looks

You have a dot that presents your location in the world.

The map will zoom in on the dot and present:

To you your chosen route,
How to ride it,
And where you are according to the route


If you have any reasons to complain or either give feedback for further improvements you can always write a text for us to look at.

Technical explanation

Languages used

  • html

  • css

  • java

  • Android

  • php

  • sql

The technical aspect.

This project in cooparation with 2 other developers,was my first time in contact with java and android development.

Its looks scary at the start but once you work more with the actual code you start getting the structure better.

And there you improve and start developing more yourself.

I certainly want to make a android app myself as part of a learning challenge for myself.