The idea behind it:

this project was made for a industrial company

The app is desinged to make it easier for customers of their stores spread over Europe to find out what model they need of their various products.


Once the products has been chosen.

A will quizz fire up. It will you give you a variety of possible answers depending on what product you have chosen.

If one of the options is chosen the whole quizz following up will be adjusted to your selection.

And the formule to give you a result based on your question will be adjusted aswell.

Quizz done

According to the formule you get a result in m3/min measurements.

Here you will have the option to read more about the product and the ability to proceed. The endscreen is where you have to fill in your last details, so Dormatec knows what they are contacted for and what the next course of action would be with the customer.

End screen

Once your quizz is done. It will need need you to fill in extra details about your own machine.

As an extra bonus we also added a photo feature so that dormatec can get a better view of what the customer needs one of dormatec's products for.

Technical explanation

Languages used

  • html

  • css

  • javascript/jquery

  • Android

  • php

  • sql

  • cordova

The technical aspect.

This project was in cooperation with a friend of mine

The first problem was starting cordova up. According to teachers it was either it starts up fine the first time and runs without a problem. Or.. you get a lt of bugs and it will take time to solve them. Sadly the last happend in my case.

After alot of debugging i found the bug and solved to get cordova started on my mobile aswell as the computer. And from there i could start developing

It is fun working for a project outside of school as you get to work with real people and make real connections, it gives a good view of what it is like to go through the whole process of making a project.